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CBD for Animals

CBD for Animals

CBD can be used to combat anxiety, stabilize the immune system, relieve pain, treat allergies and asthma, regulate the gastrointestinal tract and heal wounds more quickly just to name but a few of its uses. But even in more serious conditions, it can provide relief from the accompanying symptoms, e.g. in epilepsy or cancer.

CBD and its effects on animals

The effects of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound which, therefore, in contrast to THC, does not cause the feeling of being ‘high’, has already been confirmed by clinical studies in cats, dogs, and horses. Just like humans, animals also have a so-called endocannabinoid system in their bodies which reacts through its (CB1- and CB2-) receptors to the cannabinoids from the hemp plant and can absorb and utilize them well in the body. The CBD affects memory, learning, feelings, motor skills, pain and the blood pressure of the animals. CBD can increase an animal’s reaction to anxiety, pain, stress, etc. This allows the nervous system to reduce symptoms of inflammation or simply ignore pain. What the animal can do on its own can be done better, easier and faster with CBD.

Cannabidiol, whose efficacy has already been proven in numerous studies, can be used very well for various complaints. It has an anxiety-relieving, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is increasingly used in animals as a natural alternative to medical preparations. Dogs who had received CBD drops were more relaxed and calmed after taking them. In cats, it is often used to stimulate the appetite when they don’t want to eat because due to pain. CBD can also be used well for arthritis when conventional painkillers alone do not help or have unwanted side effects.

Popular Applications of CBD

According to customer reviews and many public studies, CBD drops can have a positive effect on pets in the following cases:

  • General and chronic pain, which results in reduced movement and activity of the animal
  • Nausea and to support normal weight and appetite
  • In cases of stress and anxiety the animal can be successfully calmed by CBD
  • Inflammation – CBD has enormous anti-inflammatory properties
  • Nervous disorders – CBD has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Strengthens the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system
  • Asthma & allergies

But above all, products containing CBD can preserve the well-being of pets and improve their quality of life, and who wouldn’t want that for their furry friend?

Although there is more and more evidence that CBD oil has helped many animals to feel better and alleviate their problems, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian before treating your pet with CBD to determine the recommended use and dosage. We are not doctors and for legal reasons are not allowed to comment on medical facts. We just want to give you some information to think about and encourage you to read on so that your decision about using CBD on your pet may be a little easier.

We wish you and your pet all the best!

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