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Is CBD legal in the UK? 1

Is CBD legal in the UK?

And what about the legal situation regarding CBD in the UK? Is CBD legal? As we know, CBD together with THC and other active ingredients belongs to the family of cannabinoids found in cannabis. The sale of CBD is legal in the UK, but in the case of THC the case looks a bit different: it is only partially legal, for example in complicated medical cases.

There are many CBD products on the market. Some also contain THC, others (almost) not. One question arises as to how many THCs contain CBD products.

THC content and product classification

If the CBD product contains less than 0.2% THC, as with all the products we offer, it is considered a food or cosmetic product and is legal. It can be freely sold and no special permission is required for this. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive. Consumption of CBD will not make you have a phase. However, it can help with mental and anxiety disorders, which is why one can say that CBD has an effect on the psyche – but positive. It does not behave like THC, which can have both positive and negative effects.

What law has to say about this?

The situation of the CBD in the UK is regulated by the European Union regulations. There is an EU directive (2002/46/EC) in which CBD supplements the daily diet. For this reason, CBD is legal as a dietary supplement or cosmetic product and is freely available. CBD products can also be easily distributed and bought online. There is only one small statutory restriction: products can only be bought by adults, i.e. the buyer must be over 18 years of age.

In UJ, if CBD is offered as a medicine (more than 0.2% of THC content), it is subject to the prescription and pharmacy requirement. In this case, the CBD must, therefore, be prescribed by a doctor, after which the patient can buy the product only at the pharmacy.

In addition, there is a regulation on the origin of CBD products. This means that CBD products sold in the UK must be obtained from hemp (Cannabis sativa) because it has only a small portion of THC. Of course, this is the case for all products that you can buy from us.

Is CBD legal in the UK? 2

Why you cannot buy products via Amazon anymore?

As you probably noticed, you can no longer buy any CBD products through Amazon (prohibited from March 2018). Amazon stopped placing offers of this type of products, arguing: “Here you cannot sell CBD anymore.” This has also affected our products.

The situation on eBay looks similar (prohibited from March 2017).

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Is CBD legal in the UK? 3


Cannabidiol or CBD with a THC content of less than 0.2% (all products on our website) is a dietary supplement (or cosmetic product) available in the UK without a prescription, so it is 100% legal.

Traveling abroad

However, if you are traveling abroad, especially to non-EU countries, we recommend contacting the appropriate authorities in advance in order to inquire about the possibility of taking CBD products with you!

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