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Top Quality CBD Oils in UK

We offer exclusively first class CBD oils produced from organic hemp.

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CBD Oil Drops 5%


CBD Drops ecologically cultivated in the EU

CBD Oil Drops 10%

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CBD Oil Drops from Alterlife are pure, natural, made from finest hemp.


  • 100 % natural
  • Dissolved in hemp seed oil
  • Does not contain artificial colouring, preservatives or artificial flavourings



Do you want to sleep/feel better, get rid of muscle pain or depression? The most sought after CBD oil in Europe has already helped 37,700 people.

CBD Oil Drops 15%


CBD Drops ecologically cultivated in the EU

CBD Oil Drops 20%


CBD Drops ecologically cultivated in the EU

CBD Oil Drops 10% 1.000mg [Peppermint]

  • Peppermint flavor is the perfect alternative for those who find the taste of the classic CBD oil too intense.

Difference between 5% and 10% CBD oil

The positive effects of CBD oil are confirmed not only by the growing number of satisfied users but also by a number of scientific studies.

The percentage (from 5% to 30%, depending on the product) represents the CBD and CBDa contained. Consequently, the only difference between the droplets of different strengths is their effect.

However, practically any mixture of CBD oil above 8% is not natural, but synthetic! The same applies to products which contain only pure CBD without CBDa. Therefore, as it relates to true organic products you will never get a pure CBD content above 8%, which is why the certified organic Gift of Nature drops are only available in the 5% and 8% CBD/CBD solutions.

CBD dosage

The dose of CBD oil depends both on the user and the user’s ailments.

It is generally recommended to start with 5% CBD oil (3-5 times a day, according to the user's experience), and then, if necessary increase the number of drops or buy a stronger CBD oil.

In the case of more serious diseases, for example, cancer, the user can go ahead and purchase a product containing up to 30% CBD.

More information on the appropriate CBD dosage can be found in our comprehensive article on this topic.