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Use and dosage of CBD for humans and animals

Application of CBD:

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is an active substance from the hemp plant. And whoever thinks that CBD causes a “high” is wrong. CBD and THC are two different active substances of the hemp plant. CBD has a wide range of applications. More and more people with a variety of health problems and illnesses are turning to CBD. CBD supposedly doesn’t only have a soothing effect, but apparently also a healing effect.

It can alleviate some problems and complaints, such as:

Acne, diabetes, fibromyalgia, various stress disorders, cancer, insomnia, chronic diseases, allergies, asthma, various chronic diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis, diseases of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis…

In addition to studies which show that CBD has a positive impact on health and thus support the effectiveness of CBD, there are also numerous experiences from users that have not yet been scientifically proven, which is why CBD is currently not approved as a drug. The intake of CBD usually causes little side effects. But again, everybody reacts differently. So it may well come to minor side effects when taking CBD. During pregnancy, however, the intake of CBD should be avoided. Click here to read our blog post about side effects of CBD.

Also in veterinary medicine CBD is increasingly used. It is mostly used to reduce anxiety in animals, relieve pain, fight infections, regulate digestion or heal wounds faster. It is also used to prevent skin and fur problems. Furthermore, CBD is also used for diseases such as cancer or epilepsy.

In contrast to humans, however, there is a risk of overdose in animals. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the dosage recommendations for the respective product.


Different products are recommended for different problems and illnesses. The intake of CBD is possible in different ways. The drops of a CBD oil can be put directly under the tongue or dripped onto the hand and then licked. The thicker and more concentrated CBD pastes look similar; they usually come in a plastic tube, which allows the extraction of small quantities. The paste is also taken orally, e.g. by placing a small amount (measured by the rotation of the syringe plunger) behind the lower front incisors. For CBD creams and lotions, the typical application rules for creams apply, e.g. on the cleansed skin, e.g. after showering. There are CBD drops, paste or tablets for animals as well, which are produced with a special formula and additives (e.g., antiparasitic). The CBD oil drops for animals can be mixed into animal feed while you can put the paste on dry food or a piece of bread. For animals, there are also tablets that can be eaten just like that. With animals, the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.


The dosage always depends on the type of symptoms. In principle, however, the dose should always be adjusted individually, always starting with a small amount and then making an increase in dose. It is important to observe the body closely during the application of CBD in order to detect possible side effects.

Dosage for humans:

Our customers have quite different experiences with the dosage. It can, as mentioned above, be adjusted individually, but it’s always a good idea to start with the recommended daily dose. Depending on the observed response of the body, the dose may be increased or decreased. A few experiences that the users of our products have told us: For relaxation, users sometimes only take one drop of oil (5%) and they usually already feel more relaxed. If there is no noticeable improvement, they increase the dosage until they get the desired results. As a painkiller, some people use drops, others paste (either 16% or 30%), depending on the nature and origin of the condition. Users who take CBD for migraines take more than a drop of oil. However, for migraine, the 16% paste that our users take 3x a day in size of a rice grain is more effective.

For type I or II diabetes, users use the 16% or 30% paste 3x a day. The same applies to Parkinson’s. Users suffering from depression, anxiety disorders and the like usually take the 16% paste 3 times a day. For Alzheimer’s and dementia users take about 40-60mg of CBD in form of paste (30%, 2-3x daily, each in size of a grain of rice). The therapy lasts about 6 months. When nervous, our customers usually use the 16% paste, 2x a day in size of a grain of rice. In case of problems with blood pressure, users have good experiences with a dose of 4-5 drops twice a day and after 3 months 16% paste 3x a day in size of a grain of rice. For sleep disorders such as insomnia, users often resort to the 5% drops, 5 drops twice a day. When it comes to chronic insomnia, many users use the 16% paste.

Use and dosage of CBD for humans and animals 1

For different cancer types, the 16% or 30% paste is recommended 3 times a day. The therapy lasts at least 6 months. Users who suffer from stress take the 16% paste 2-3x daily for 3 months. For psychoses, the 16% paste is taken 3 times a day or alternatively the 30% paste twice a day, usually for 3 months. For Crohn’s disease, users use the 16% paste (2-3x daily) and 2 tablets of probiotics for 3 months. For epilepsy, the recommended dose for children is 3x daily 5% drops, for adults 3x daily the 16% paste. For cholesterol, the 16% paste helps cleansing the body. It is taken twice a day, together with 2 tablets of probiotics. The therapy lasts on average 3 months. For hormonal disorders, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, users take the 16% paste 3 times a day for 3-6 months to balance the hormone levels of thyroid T3 and T4.

Dosage for animals:

Depending on the weight of the animal or pet, the recommended daily dosage for animals under 10 kilograms is 1-2 drops, for animals weighing between 10 and 20 kilograms 2-3 drops and for a weight of more than 20 kilograms it is 3-4 drops a day. This information applies to the CBD drops for animals. With hemp resin, the paste is dosed in size of a grain of rice. The dose also depends on the weight or disease of the animal or pet. At a weight of less than 10 kilograms, the paste is taken in the size of a grain of rice per day. The recommended daily intake for a weight of 10-20 kilograms is 2 grains of rice and for animals weighing more than 20 kilograms, the paste is taken in size of 3 rice grains.

The duration and intensity for the use of drops, paste or tablets depend on the problem and on the animal.

Use and dosage of CBD for humans and animals 2

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Use and dosage of CBD for humans and animals 3

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